Wellness products

Here in the market-place we offer handmade wellness equipments and special pieces of fine handcraft dreamed by Hungarian artists for wellness facilities.

With these unique art products the wellness spaces become more beautiful and pleasant.

Because of all these items are made by piece production, each fine piece is unique and different.
We also made products for saunas and wellness areas for special request.



Aroma stove for warm-aroma humidification.

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Description of the appliance:
warm-aroma humidification appliance with unique fine art ceramic in hardwood frame.

AzWe recommend our aroma stove as a completive appliance of wellness spaces, hotel lobbies and for relaxing areas.
With it is special and imposing appearance our aroma stove is not only decoration, it helps to develop and maintain the healthy indoor air with an efficient aromatherapy system.
The aroma stove integrates a fragrance container, and it is equipped with a hygrostat. This measures the relative humidity and switches the appliance to automatic when the desired level is reached. The setting for the relative humidity ranges from a minimum of 30% to a maximum of 70%.

Price: 1600,- EUR+VAT

Technical data:
Mains voltage: 230V-50 Hz
Power consumption: 160/360/480 W
Aroma humidity output up to: 550g/h
Suitable for rooms up to: 60m2/150m2
Water capacity: 7 liters
Operation noise level:


– a piece of the unique Hungarian fine art
– with excellent Swiss technical background
– delivered with essential French fragrances

The aroma stove is available with unique design and in different colors as well.


Cryomed Pro – The Top quality Cryosauna

Cryomed Pro is a model focusing on reliability and maximum protection.
The control part is implemented on the controllers of the TECO company with the high quality electrical components and filters.
Cryomed Pro is manufactured according to high cosmetic standards and suitable for use in medical facilities.
The following additional options can be installed in the Cryomed Pro version:
• outer upholstery color selection (52 colors to choose from);
• internal upholstery color selection (12 colors);
• color selection of the temperature display;
• wider cabin;
• redesigned multicolor TOP LED lighting, LED system is also placed underneath the cabin, refiling spot of the device. The color and brightness of the lighting is controlled independently for each zone;
• mounted tablet;
• branding (embroidered logo on inner upholstery, a Big logo on the outer shell);
• UNIQUE accident prevention system;
• remote control system for smartphones.
• Requirements to the room:
• The door frames — no less than 700 mm