Technical Specification

Kelo log sauna

Kelo log saunas are bio quality buildings and all of them are free from any synthetic materials and steaming chemicals.
Our cabins are designed for a lifetime and can be operated with minimal maintenance work.
Keeping the manual, quality of kelo cabins is guaranteed for 30 years.

Plans, license

Adjustment to the local conditions all kelo cabins are planned and designed individually. We do not use standard design and for this reason every sauna is different and unique.

Depending on the sizes, the saunas are built with or without legally valid construction permit. According to the current rules in Hungary, we do not need permit up to 50m3 ( 15-20 m2 ground-space). Above those measurements construction permit is required.
In some places the local rules are authoritative, and the small buildings have registration obligation only.

Based on the cabin sizes, there are 3 typical range of sizes established. The capacity of the cabin is measured from the length of benches. Three bench-lines can be built in single rank behind one other, and we count 65-70 cm for each person.

The small sized saunas are ideal for private use or for small hotels. These cabins seat maximum 4-6 person and heated by wood burning or electric stoves.
The second group of saunas seat 12-15 person. Most of the wellness hotels and thermal baths prefer those medium sized cabins. These saunas are built with extra entrance – room (with wind-brake) and also can be heated by a wood burning or electric stove, or its combination as well.
The large size saunas seat 18-20 person or more. These cabins can only be heated by electric stoves, and a wood burning stove is only used as a spectacle element. Most of these cabins are designed with a large entrance/relaxing space and the building often operates as an individual bathhouse.



Private saunas up to 6 persons: 8-10 million Ft+VAT ( 26.000,-32.000,-Eur+VAT)

12-15 persons public saunas with entrance room: 14-16 million Ft+VAT ( 45.000,-52.000,-Eur+VAT)

18-20 persons public saunas with entrance/relaxing room: from 20 million Ft+VAT ( 65.000,- Eur+VAT)

Building process


In case of an electric heated sauna a proper sized electric wiring installation is required. If it is a public sauna, installation of a ground wiring for an alarm system to the surveillance system is needed.
The most appropriate time for the construction of the kelo sauna is spring and autumn.
During the summer months due to the sudden climate change the kelo wood suffer damages.
We take on the building process only in an exceptional case in wintertime, because during this period working under open-air is difficult and sometimes weather conditions makes it especially hard .

Foundations, frame work, supporting:

Kelo cabins are usually placed on a found fitted with iron. The footing is also mounted with iron. The inner flooring is made from special insulation and from a concrete stand.

Wall construction:

The kelo wood is a centuries old silver pine which grows in the Taiga area. The pine dries out while its standing as it grows under extreme weather conditions The kelo wood has very fine annual rings and a dry and hard structure.
During the decade long natural drying out process, the pine loses its bark, and gradually develops the typical coloring. The kelo pine dries out after 250-350 years and after another 20 years of standing it is cut and converted.
The kelo logs are sorted in three category according to its diameter. We use the small diameter logs ( 17-22 cm) for private cabins, and 24-26 cm or 28-30 cm diameters logs for larger public houses.
The kelo woods are unplaned rough logs in various sizes , due to its natural entasis .
All kelo logs are worked by hand and notched up in Finland to achieve the proper shape and fitting.
The wall constructions are temporary built in Finland, and after checking the measurements, the disassembled parts together with other accessories are dispatched to customer.
In the building area the wall construction is rebuilt and fixed with hardwood pins. By the gaps of the logs a natural woolen insulation is placed.
The life expectancy of wall construction is 30 years. No maintenance work is necessary .The sinking of the construction is under 1%.
The ceiling and the roofing is usually built from untreated pine timber, but according to the wishes of the customer it could also be built from Kelo wood.
Lower part of the tiling made from kelo boards with aluminium vapour barrier. The ceiling isolation is 15-20cm bio wood-wool.
The tiling is optional and the roofing has an optional tilt angle as well. The most common process by a low angle roof or a flat roof is building a green roof .In case of a high roof the tiling (slate, tile, plate) is recommended to be attached to the nearby buildings.

doors, windows:

In the cabins only a small glass surface is recommended. Doors and windows usually are made of durable wood. (teak, redwood).
The glass that we use has three layers and has get great thermal insulation.
The thickness of the outside layer: 4mm, the inner layer is 6mm heat resistance glass.
The doors and windows are attached to the wall constructions with flexible holders.

Ventilation system:

In the cabin we build a natural ventilation system. The ventilation can be controlled manually depending on the outside temperature and according to the number of the guests.


The furnitures inside are usually made from abachi, but also different high quality woods can be used as well.( meranti, cotton wood)
Some benches are movable, in order to clean the sauna easily. We deliver each sauna fully equipped and set up.

Heating, controlling:

The size and the output of the sauna stove depends on the relation of surface and capacity and varies on the size of the glass surface.
Usually we count: 1,0 – 1,5kW/m3.
We offers wood heated saunas with manual control, and the saunas with electric stoves are installed with an automatic control unit.


Inside flooring is a non-freezing ceramics tile.
Thermal insulation is installed under the exterior footing.
The covering can be: stone, ceramics, brick.


Equipments in the inside should be covered with white calico before the first operation because of the danger of pine-resin flux, than the sauna should be heated to the maximum temperature .After that the sauna must be operating at least 3 times for 12 hours uninterruptedly.
Permanent monitoring of the technical devices, temperature and air tightness is very important during the first operation. After this process the sauna is ready for the daily use.



This is how the Kelo sauna is built: