Kota Garden Sauna

Kota Garden Sauna is a product made in Finland and has the Key Flag symbol. Kota Garden Sauna is available either with a wood-stoked Aito 16 or Narvi NC 16 heater or with an electric Narvi Softy 9 kW heater.
The extensive glass surfaces of this stylish sauna evoke broadness and allow you to enjoy the views of the nature. Kota Pihasauna is delivered as a complete package that is ready to install, with the exception of the roof cover material. It will only take you a couple of hours to assemble the sauna. This sauna does not need a foundation – an even gravel base on a few square meters of non-freezing ground will suffice. The sauna is made from fir timber and tempered and darkened glass.

Length:2 m
Width: 2 m
Area: 4 m²
Weight: 750 kg

Construction materials: Fir timber and tempered and darkened glass

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