Traditional Kelo ®log saunas from Finland.

Gerdax-m Ltd offers uniquely designed and built traditional log sauna from Finland for wellness hotels and thermal baths with the highest standards of service.
Kelo sauna means pure wellness. More and more people discovering the pleasurable and health-promoting effects of the sauna bath.

But, what makes the kelo saunas stand out and so special? It is the quality of the Kelo wood.

This special silver pine grows in the Taiga area that covers most of Finland
The centuries – old silver pine, which dries out while still standing, is described as the kelo pine and characteristically has a silver-grey shimmering patina.
Because of its slow growth under extreme weather conditions, the kelowood has very fine annual rings. During a decade-long natural drying out process, the pine looses its bark and gradually acquires the typical coloring. The thickness of the log varies between 170 and 600 mm.

The Kelo wood retains fine – fibred, dry and hard structure. Kelowood, is an exceptional and particularly valuable material. Due to its typical characteristic settling and consequent formation of cracks, making it especially suitable for the construction of individual and qualitatively exclusive log cabins.
Because of the weather resistance of the kelowood, no additional internal or external covering, or treatment with substances against rotting is needed.
During the building process we refuse to use plastics and any kind of chemical material. That’s why our houses are 100% bio and free of allergen materials.

The sauna house is operating with controllable natural ventilation.

Kelo logs are ideal for creating unique indoor saunas as well.

Our suppliers offer 30 year long guaranty for the kelowood.

Because of the great quality of the wood our cabins require minimal maintenance work.

Finish kelo saunas are representing the traditional sauna culture.

Saunas are individual buildings made in various sizes with special manufacturing process.
We offer large scale of saunas. Our smallest cabins are ideal for private use and for small hotels. For bigger facilities ( Wellness, Hotels, Thermal baths) we provide cabins with multifunctional rooms for 25-30 people.

Kelo saunas can be placed everywhere in the garden. Observing the building regulations saunas can be built on the terrace or beside the pool or standing on pillars above the garden lake.

Every single log sauna is built according to specific plans based on the demands of the customers.

Kelo saunas are long life units of the gardens. The sauna maintains its beauty for centuries and provides the benefits of the classic saunas in pleasant environment in the highest quality.

Tradition and quality from Finland.

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