HThe HUR air resistance exercise equipment is manufactured in Finland, and distributed in over 30 countries through an international network of distributors.
HUR offers well-proven exercising concepts for senior exercise, rehabilitation and wellness. As a supplier of professional exercise equipment for senior training, medical fitness and gyms, HUR provides world-leading computer-based training solutions for all ages and abilities.

  • Computerized training and operating
  • Close to zero starting load
  • 100g and 1kg increments
  • Automatic resistance increase
  • Safe natural movement
  • Air resistance

World-leading solutions for Lifelong Strength

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HUR is an excellent choice for your wellness centre 40+, health club, hotel, company, spa or any organization providing wellness services. Why? HUR equipment and solutions suit every purse and purpose, as well as all ages and abilities.
The proven, safe, high quality machines are suitable for all users, thanks to the pneumatic technology. Together with the HUR’s modern computerized system, which allows e.g. follow-up and automatically increase of resistance, you have a clear competitive advantage. It has never been so easy to operate and exercise!
Inclusive wellness solution
In an inclusive wellness facility, it is easy to get on and off machines. The machines can be used safely and independently by as many different users as possible, regardless of ability, while in between machines there is ample room to manoeuvre with various mobility aids.
HUR equipment within the HUR Premium Line is designed in accordance with current requirements for accessibility. The machines are designed to efficiently use space while offering impediment-free accessibility. The unique HUR Easy Access machines embody top-design and expand user options far more than more traditionalsolutions.

Layout and products
The user experience can be greatly influenced by a facility’s layout, equipment and professional staff. In the past, machines have been grouped by type and typically set up in separate areas. The current trend is that machines are now grouped to facilitate training programs: also a preferred set-up for groups requesting their own environment. With HUR you can realize a stylish and safe environment suitable for all ages and abilities.