Behind the Damasa brand there is a Hungarian firm working with the finest industrial artist and craftsman to create authentical products that will fulfill your desires. 
Nowadays the continuous renewal of Wellness centers is inevitable to satisfy guest expectations. That is why Damasa provides high quality, handcrafted equipements for various wellness services, while the unique, rustic art of the products gives a fresh, harmonic and original look to Wellness spaces.
Damasa products are also ideal to bring new life to any modern interior. Our handcrafted items will complement and furnish your home. Damasa presents limited edition items and a constantly changing product palette.
Damasa products are made of natural, eco-friendly materials. Damasa stands for an environmentally conscious approach. Our products are manufactured according to green, eco-friendly standards. We only use natural and
recycled materials for packaging to make it sustainsible.


6500 Baja, Parti utca 28-30.
Tel/Fax: +36 79 427 430
Mobil: +36 30 415 0174